HR Innovation

10 simple ways HR can innovate

There is a growing realization in businesses that human resource innovation should be focused disproportionately as the competitive advantage built through them is not easily imitable, and therefore vital to the sustainability of firm growth and competitiveness. What can HR professionals do to inculcate an innovation mind-set and culture within the HR function, which in turns acts as a catalyst for bring about innovation culture within the larger organization:


5 Reasons why anyone should choose an HR career

Is ‘HR career’ a popular option among candidates at the time of campus hiring? Are there still popular age-old notions that HR is all about administrative, back-room work with no real rewards, learning, excitement or “kick”, and that the profession is the preserve of people who couldn’t get into the mainstream functions, lack the ability to grow or any ambition to drive “real” things in life.
Things have turned around 270 degree, if not the full circle. HR is no longer regarded just an administrative function. It is playing the role of a strategic business partner. Rather than a “Cost center”, HR function is evolving as a “Value creator”. No wonder, Business heads have HR Leaders as their “trusted ally” who get involved in all facets of organizational decision making. We also see experienced business managers wanting to have a stint in HR to develop a fuller perspective of people and fine-tune the art of managing and galvanizing them to drive business results.
Find out the five key reasons why anyone should chose an HR career.