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In an HR Tech Conference that I attended recently, one thought struck my mind very deeply.

“Future has arrived, but it is not evenly distributed”

The statement has a very powerful meaning and future implications for HR profession. While it is becoming evident what will be the future trends and new ways of working in future, however, not all companies or professionals are able to visualize and align themselves to get “future ready”. As the popular saying, there are some who “see changes happening”, while there are others “who make changes happen” and still others who say “What Happened”!

While some HR professionals don’t find time beyond managing operational stuff, there are others who are torn between playing the role of employee champions or strategic partners to business.

HR professionals need to have a sense of balance between employee and management view-points. On certain occasions, they might have to stand up for an individual or a group and advocate their concerns. Similarly, there would be occasions where they have to protect the larger organization’s interest, its culture, values and enforce the policies objectively. The HR professionals who are able to do both with aplomb, are the ones who would succeed in the long run.

“The new agenda for HR is a radical departure from the status quo. In most companies today, HR is sanctioned to play a policy police and regulatory watch dog… the activities that HR appear to be- and often are- disconnected from the real work of the organization. The new agenda, however, would mean that every one of the HR’s activities would in some concrete way help the company better serve its customers or otherwise increase shareholder value.” [Ulrich (1998) Harvard Business Review January-February 1998, 124-134]

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