Success in HR is not rocket science


Sharing some of my key learning for achieving an enduring success in HR career:

  1. Focus on results and impact on the organization and the people, not activities and transactions!. Unfortunately, most HR professionals get contended with the latter. We can’t squarely blame them also, as it depends on how much HR is enabled, empowered and automated in an organization. Irrespective, if we continue to believe that HR only measures softer parts of the people and business,which are beyond the realm of measurement, then we are likely to always remain transactional only.Our journey can begin with a small disruptive thought and a little bench-marking. Measurement in most HR verticals will not be far away!
  2. Constantly innovate- ‘’Try to be Better today as compared to yesterday’’.Competition is more within than outside. Nobody can be a better judge (not even our manager!) on us than their own self conscious. Ask the question  from yourself and you will get the most genuine response. We can map our journey accordingly. Also, as Jack Welsh rightly said-“If the rate of change outside is faster than than the rate of change inside, the decay is nearby”. It is applicable to individuals and organizations alike.
  3. Choose your battles- “We are here to collaborate and engage with people to ensure business success”.Taking a rigid stand from a policy or process perspective and refusing to budge, may not be right under all circumstances. Ultimately, policies and processes are made to enable business and help achieve its objectives, not the other way round. However, if there is anything unethical, unprofessional, illegal or against the values, basic philosophy and business interests of the organization, then no negotiation can be entertained.
  4. To succeed in HR, great ability is not enough- “You also need great visibility”. In this digitally SMACed world with multi-generational workforce in most organizations,it is not just important to know your job. One should be able to communicate, collaborate and reinforce their personal and company’s brand in unique and creative ways to influence people’s thought process and impact business results.,
  5. Walk the Talk; Adopt arm’s length policy- Don’t get too close to your team members that blinds you and creates a perception of being biased”.Being equidistant from all (both from within and outside the HR department) while ensuring equity, fairness and transparency in the decision making,  gives immense confidence to handle any difficult situation dispassionately and enhance your credibility.
  6. Expand your circle of influence – “to gain diverse perspective, become balanced professional, be effective in job and promote your career.”This needs to be done both within and outside the organization. Look for opportunities to coach or mentor high potential employees, ask for guidance from Industry gurus, participate in professional forums or volunteer for a social cause.
  7. Become the CEO’s of your career- Managing an HR Job is not same as managing your HR career”. HR professionals who put differentiated focus on these two fronts, are more likely to achieve both short-term and long-term success, and thereby ensure an enduring HR career for themselves.
  8. Stay objective, positive and passionate about your work and future- “If you are not positive, what will you expect from others”. It’s not only the HR team that looks up to the HR Leader, but also most other employees and business leaders in the organization.Your business might not be growing, still you could create enough excitement around yourself by innovating, empowering, challenging the status quo and remaining hopeful for a brighter future. However, if one waits for things to improve and meanwhile maintain the status quo, then it can only hasten the decay and you would have missed a golden opportunity to contribute and shape the future. Your work should energize you from within and always keep you charged. If it is not, introspect, research, benchmark, look at unstated business needs to drive something new and impactful. This could lift your self-esteem and propel you into your next orbit..
  9. Don’t let your hunger for learning & Improvement die down-”Keep Challenging yourself”. In this fast-faced information age, the rate of obsolescence of information is faster than the rate of its creation. As HR professionals, we can’t rest on our past laurels. Every day is a new day! Learning is not a destination but a life-long journey.
  10. READ, READ, READ- “Readers are Leaders”. It gives you new perspective, enriches your thought process and help you convince, persuade and influence others for individual and organizational success.

What do you think? If you have experienced some more areas of learning towards long-term HR success, please do share your thoughts.

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